Since 2005 Aleph Kosher has been providing companies all over the world with affordable and widely accepted Kosher certification in a timely manner, congruent with normative Kosher industry standards.

We provide Kosher Certification across four continents to all size partners ranging from Mom & Pop stores to major industrial food production companies. Aleph Kosher is recognized as a leader in the Kosher Certification space with a Database of over 1.5 Million ingredients and certified kosher additives, thus allowing Aleph Kosher to provide all the necessary puzzle pieces to obtaining Kosher Certification and maintaining it.

Aleph Kosher prides itself in its ability to work with its partners ensuring all concerns are properly addressed regarding the security of sensitive information exposed through the process of becoming kosher – including proprietary information & processes, trade secrets, ingredients, recipes, processes, etc.

We understand you have many options for certifying your products Kosher and truly appreciate you giving us the opportunity to make it a reality!

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